Short Stories

Short Story-001

He sees her sitting sad all alone by herself drowned in the waters of her pain and sorrows. Being a friend he gives her company and consoles her. Feeling better she says “I wish my journey of life was as smooth as yours without troubles and happiness all around with a feeling of contentment as if in heaven.”  He was returning from the hospital, his results of medical tests were out. He has cancer.

Short Story-002

It was her birthday last week and she had donated blood. She had turned up 23 so she wanted to do some good deed.  Her blood group was (O-).  Today a child had met with a fatal accident while playing so his father was rushing him to the hospital all panicked and driving recklessly praying to almighty he could make it on time. This alarming and hysterical situation resulted in him hitting a girl by his car. It was a hit and run case. The girl died on the spot. The son had lost a lot of blood and transfusion was required. It was successful. The blood donated by the girl earlier was used and it was this ill fated girl only that the father had ran over today morning.

Short Story-003

They were the best of friends. They were like 'The Three Musketeers’. She was going out with one of the two guys for quite some time now. His best friend was his girl friend and this thought used to make him very upbeat and content. He felt like he was complete. They were deeply in love with each other. But this love was long gone and now the excitement in their relationship was no more. Unaware of this fact the other guy though pleased for both his friends used to feel the need of having something similar, something so spicy something so exciting in his life. He loved that girl which was his best friend and his best friend's girl friend but didn't want to ruin everything. One day while sitting alone with her he hugged her and with her image in his mind said "I wish I too had someone who loved me and whom I loved even more, someone who made me feel what I have never felt like before." The girl still with her arms around him thought in her mind I wish you could see, you could imagine that girl in me, I wish I wish and with that took a heavy breath.

Short Story-004

It was quarter past twelve on a Wednesday afternoon. The ambience was very serene and soothing. People around on all the other tables were engaged in chatting with each other without any showcase of too much of attention seeking emotions but these two had been sitting there quietly on a small round table for two for quite some time now. Breaking the ice she asked him '' Tell me what love for you is?'' Finally taking his eyes of her and breaking away from his thoughts he took a deep breath, smiled and said '' The very fact that I can sit here with you for hours just staring at you lost in my thoughts , without being uneasy , not feeling the need to necessarily say something and yet enjoying your presence . For me that is love.'' 

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  1. Wow, glad I came here. I loved the first story :) All the write-ups are beautifully written & the characters nicely portrayed. :) Wonderful read :)